Planning your charter flight

Travel by light aircraft is not quite the same as going with the airlines. Here are a few tips to consider when considering using a charter aircraft or when planning your trip
  •   Its all about weight. So that small aircraft can operate economically and safely they are limited byt the load they can carry. When these aircraft were designed and certified, we all weighed a lot less. Today we all weight more and we want to take all our stuff with us such as laptops. When you plan to use us we need to know the number of people you would to take and their approximate weights and the equipment you are bringing. From this we can determine how many people we can carry or what size aircraft we need. The more people we carry, the less fuel we carry. This may mean more stops on the trip.
  • If you are bringing luggage for an overnight stay, plan light. We suggest a soft bag of no more than 5-8Kg. Plan your wardrobe and try and get away with one set of shoes, one coat etc.
  • Light aircraft are also a bit "cosier" than a jet liner. You cannot get up and move around, and there is generally no toilet, although we do supply light refreshments. Wear comfortable clothes and make a trip to the bathroom before boarding. We try and limit flights to shorter legs so you can get aout and stretch your legs every now and then.

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