How we charge

There are several components to costing a charter flight:

  1.  The hourly rate for the aircraft. This a charge for the time the aircraft is airborne.
  2.  Plus the pilots time. We charge the pilot out on a daily basis while he is waiting for you. There are strict regulations on the amount of time the pilot is on duty, so we are obliged to accomodate them while they are waiting for you. For example if you go somwhere at 6am and want to come home at 6pm we need to put him in a motel or equivilent so he can be rested for the trip home.
  3. We sometimes charge for airways charges. Airservices Australia and many aiiports charge for us to use their facilities. We usually pass these costs on as some places are more than others and some other places are free.
  4. You must book the whole aircraft. Legally we cannot sell individual seats.

We will always do a quote for you based on an estimate of the flight times, how many people you want to take and how long you want to stay. If you want a rough guess, measure the distance on Google Earth and work on $2.50 per km.

How to reduce your travel costs:

  • Travel light. Only take the people and equipment you need. This means a smaller aircraft and  less fuel stops.
  • Travel fast. Plan your trip so you are away from home the least time as possible. This reduces our waiting charge and also the overnight accomodation costs of the pilot and all the passengers.
  • Air travel is most efficient on longer trips or trips where there are no other forms of transport. Short trips may be just as cost effective in a car. Trips to capital cities may be better on a commercial flight.

Photo courtesy of Vulcanair Aircraft

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