Air Bush Charter Goondiwindi

Air Bush Charter operate a twin engine aircraft from Goondiwindi for on demand charter services. We can also pick up from other local towns such as Moree, St George and Mungindi. Experienced local pilots can safely and efficiently take you where you want to go.

You can contact Peter who will be happy to give you a quote or help you to plan your trip. 

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Piper Navajo

Location - Goondiwindi

Passengers - up to 6

Speed - 350kph

Uses - Comfortable executive transport over short or long distances. Airconditioned cabin class interior and comfortable leather seats make the aircraft ideal for taking your team away to meetings or functions. Entry is via an airstair so no climbing over the wing or squeezing past seats. 

Partenavia P68

Location - Goondiwindi

Passengers - up to 4

Speed - 250kph

Uses - An economical passenger carrying and air work aircraft. Has high wing and short field performance so is good for outback operations, sightseeing, search and rescure work. Comfortable and easy entry for passengers

Better Business Travel

Business’s who value their employees and their clients time should consider using an aircraft charter service. Day long driving trips can be turned into a few hours of flight. Expeditions that can take several days with travel and accommodation costs can be turned into a day trip.

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Farm Inspections

Whether you are selling your farm or need to impress financiers, taking them on an aerial inspection of your farm and the surrounding district, gives city based bankers and financiers a great understanding of the business you have and the development of the surrounding district


Joy Flights & Outback trips

Goondiwindi is close to some interesting destinations for you or your overseas or city visitors to enjoy. Let Air Bush Charter take you to some great local attractions.

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