What is Air Work

Air work is other types of operations that do not involve carrying passengers. This includes aerial photography, surveys, and farm inspections. We can supply all the crew or you may require skilled people of your own to go along if they are critical to the operation.


Need those documents delivered now? Sometimes an overnight service is not quick enough, and we all know what overnight parcel delivery means in the outback!! Call us and we may be able to get you packages directly to where you want them.

Need parts delivered for critical equipment? When that irrigation pump or tractor just has to be going now we may be able to get that vital breakdown part to you that bit quicker.



Search and Rescue

Air Bush Charter have the equipment to assist with Search and Rescue operations. Our P68 Partenavia can seat 2 to 4 crew and can carry fuel for up to 5 hours of operations. The twin engine aircraft is capable of operating safely over remote and off shore locations for extended searchs. The aircraft and crew are IFR meaning we can travel through all weather to get to the search site.

Our aircraft are approved for Charter operations so we are able to utilise them for moving personell during any emergency situations.

Disaster Relief

Air Bush Charter crews are all bush born and bred. We have extensive experience in outback operations and have participated in many types of emergencies. We have experience in operations from remote airstrips, aerial searching surveying during crisis, emergency evacuations and relocation of emergency personell. We have aircraft that can operate in short and unperpared airstrips both in VFR and IFR situations

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