Keeping you safe

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority set rules and standards for all air charter companies to follow. This ensures that you can be assured that your flight will be carried out to a high standard of safety.

Air Bush Charter are fully approved by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (ARN 127513) to operate passenger carrying activities. 

Weight Rules

The aircraft we operate are classified as light aircraft. To enable us to operate efficiently yet maintain our safety we have limits set on the aircraft so that it can still perform during an emergency. This means that weights have to be watched carefully to ensure we do not become overloaded.

Although our aircraft has 6 seats we can not always fill them. Aircraft manufacturers think that everyone is the size of a jockey when they design their aircraft. We know differently. If we want to carry a big load we have to take less fuel, If we want to go long distance we have carry less passengers or baggage.

We are required by regulations to weigh you and your lugggage. Please do not be offended. 

Our aircraft can carry approximately 400Kg of load with a 2 to 3 hour fuel load. That is 4 people of 100Kg with baggage or 5 people of 80 Kg.

Flight and Duty Rules

To ensure that the pilot is fit and healthy to fly you safely to and from your destination, we set flight and duty limitations for them to follow. Flying single pilot in bad weather or long distances can be tiring and you need an alert person at the controls at all times. 

Charter flights usually start early in the morning as most people want to get an early start and make the most of the day. Commonly we come back late in the day. A pilot can only be rostered to be on duty for 10 hours per day. If a pilot starts at 5am in the morning, they  would have to stop work at 3pm in the afternoon, probably well before you want to come home. Therefore we need to give them some rest during the day. A pilot who has started at 5 am and gets 4 hours rest during the day in a motel or equivalent can continue work until 8pm that night. 

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